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Millions of pre-rolls later the people asked, and we delivered: The STICKS 12 Pack.

Perfect, times twelve.

When we looked at the pre-roll pack market, some familiar friends, or lack thereof, caught our attention. Consistency, and freshness. Simply put, packs are a value product that contain a truckload of individual joints and thats a recipe that can easily lead to cut corners and bad consumer experiences. After bringing our precision milled pre-roll process into a smaller, slimmer, color coded form factor we tackled the next glaring issue: freshness.

STICKS 12 packs are cellophane sealed in our facility to keep them fresh while they’re on our shelves and dispensaries, but it goes a step further. We developed a custom slide-out box that, with no extra plastic, eliminates the air-gap in the box opening and seals the product inside after you’ve broken the cellophane seal. In our testing we found that our closure design provided a seal 80% as effective as a rubberized sealing mechanism: with no extra parts, plastic, pennies ($$$) involved.

STICKS proprietary self sealing slide out pack.

STICKS 12 packs contain 12 half gram precision prerolls in 3 color coded strains with each unit containing:

  • 4 sativas
  • 4 indicas
  • 4 hybrids

Buyers: Order now on our B2B menu or Leaflink and find marketing assets here.

Consumers: Find a dispensary near you that carries STICKS here.