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Over the last 7 years, we’ve made millions of prerolls for Oregon smokers. When we got our processing license online we knew we wanted to bring our experience to the infused category, but we didn’t wanna rush it. The space is hot and we wanna play in it, but not just to ride the wave. We want to be intentional and make a product that matters – one that lasts.

We started studying, testing, and smoking a lot of joints.

Flower in infused prerolls is often forgot about. Harvest dates, terps, and quality are overshadowed by buzzwords and THC scores. Not on Holiday. Holiday starts with great flower. B bud batches from the best growers in the state. We’re using the stuff we want to put in Cabana, that doesn’t test high enough. It’s fire.

With this flower, we knew there was an opportunity to make something that the heads would appreciate. We see what you see on the market: a lot of distillate, a lot of botanical flavors. We knew that wasn’t right for Holiday. Prioritizing flavor and effect, we went to town testing cured resins, HTE, rosin, every combo you can think of. The answer was clear: curated small batch live rosin.

Our new Holiday Infused line pairs elite flower with terpy rosin, and is triple infused with pure THC-A to make sure every batch packs a punch.

We tested the finished product against others and are happy to report: this thing works.

We hope you like em.


Buyers: Order now on our B2B menu or Leaflink and find marketing assets here.

Consumers: Find a dispensary near you that carries Holiday here.

Rosin and THC-A infused flower preroll